2014 Tomato Art Fest!

We are very excited for this year's Tomato Art Fest here in East Nashville.  We are excited not only because it is a great festival happening just two blocks from our house, but also because this year we are again entering one of our handmade pieces into the art competition.  It was a real challenge coming up with something this year, but we feel we did a good job of representing our neighborhood AND of course the tomato in our piece!  We are also excited because this year Otto's Framing Co will have it's very own booth at the festival.  We've been extremely busy these past weeks building as much as we can for the festival, we even have a few surprises we'll be revealing very soon!  Hopefully you all can come out and check out some of our handmade goods in person on August 9th!

Giant Tennessee and United States Flags!

We were given the opportunity to construct two approximately 8 foot x 4 foot flags for a hotel here in Nashville undergoing a major renovation.  The left it pretty much up to us on how they would be done, which was both exciting and intimidating at the same time.  The flags hang in the lobby area and seeing them up for the first time was a pretty incredible feeling for us both.

Cutting Board / Chopping Block

This is an edge grain cutting board / chopping block we made out of maple and purpleheart woods.  The purpleheart is some pretty amazing stuff and almost looks translucent in the sun.  We always welcome custom orders for any size board such as this and we will be posting pictures of some really cool end grain boards hopefully soon!


Free Pallet Wood Serving Tray!

We're giving away this rustic serving tray made from reclaimed pallet wood!  All you have to do is either visit our Instagram account (@ottoframes) or Facebook page (Facebook.com/ottoframes), look for this picture, and follow the directions to share the photo, as well as follow/like us if you haven't already.  Contest ends on June 11th!


Pallet Wood Porch Swing

Here's our new pallet wood porch swing we made for our front porch here in East Nashville.  We made it to be a cross between a traditional porch swing and a relaxing day bed.  It came out really well and is very comfortable to hangout on.


Pallet Wood Serving Tray & Wine Bottle/Glass Holder

We eat a lot in our living room, which is why we built the coffee table to sit a little bit higher than a usual coffee table.  Next we came up with the idea of how cool it would be to have a serving tray we could use to make a single trip from the kitchen to the living room.  After coming across some railroad tie handles, we designed this serving tray.  Apparently others really liked the idea, as we've already made one for another East Nashvillian and have requests to make a few more.  To save a little bit of space on the tray, we also made a wine bottle and glass holder.  Everything is made out of reclaimed pallet wood that is then aged and finished.  You can find details for ordering either of these on our for sale page!

26" x 18" Serving Tray

Oversized Coffee Table

We recently purchased some wood from a zinc plating factory in East Nashville that was going through some renovations.  We didn't really know what we were going to use the wood for, but there's a lot of.  We already had a pretty nice coffee table I (Jared) made, but it was a bit on the small side.  So we decided we would use some of the wood to built a bigger, taller, more awesomer table.  The table is 70" long, 46" deep and is 24" high and has a smaller shelf underneath.  The legs are metal pipes which we liked because it matches our shelves and has a very simple look, but the best part about the legs are that all we need to do is simply insert a longer pipe and we have a dinner table for special occasions and holidays.  We also added a little personal touch to one of the corners of the table :-)

Oversized coffee table

Shop Truck!

As much as we loved (hated) hauling wood, supplies, tools, etc in our Mini Cooper, we felt it was probably time to invest in something a little more appropriate in size.  A short, but thorough search led to us purchasing this 1978 Ford F-100 off of Craigslist.  Now we can finally fill our yard with pallets we find all over Nashville and not dirty up the Mini!